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  The Internal Network

Internal Network

Your internal or local area network (LAN) can be a confusing array of hardware and software.  You have that laser printer on the table in the corner, personal computers - some with printers attached, and servers, which the local computer store told you everyone could access for file sharing and email.  Your new voice over IP phones (VOIP) are also connected to your network.

That's nice - but what happens if it doesn't work?  Or maybe it works, but not the way you want it to work.

You have questions. "Why is it that I can't use my co-workers printer if I want?" "What was it that the guy at the store said about network protocols and workstation addressing? Maybe that's why we are having trouble communicating between all this expensive equipment!" And then there is that database of clients, which everyone needs to share, but no one can seem to find.  The audio quality of the phones is not good, why?

ProNetServ can make sense of it all and get your entire network talking the same language to all the equipment.

ProNetServ onsite maintenance proactively protects your network...(more)

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- Microsoft Lync
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