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Proactive Maintenance Service

The ProNetServ preventative maintenance program is designed to accommodate the client.  There are no upfront fees and no contracts to sign.  You can start the program and stop it at any time.  The program is designed to proactively monitor your network for any developing issues and resolve those issues before they become problems. 

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Proactive Maintenance Service

The Details

Proactive service is a departure from how most computer networks operate.  ProNetServ technicians are often called only when there are network problems to be resolved.  With a proactive, preventative maintenance plan, we examine the components of your network to ensure they are working properly and have the latest software updates.

In order to start your preventative maintenance program, we need three things from you, the client:

1.     Your current network documentation.  If you do not have network documentation, during our first few scheduled maintenance appointments, Pronetserv, Inc. will record documentation onsite while performing maintenance.  This documentation will then be presented to you upon completion.  For large networks, the documentation may be delivered in stages.

2.   Agreement on the frequency of maintenance appointments.  There are many variables to be considered when establishing the frequency of maintenance appointments.  Size of the network, age of equipment, presence of technically astute staff members, and the number of proprietary applications requiring maintenance and upgrades cover only a few of the variables.  It is generally a good idea to schedule maintenance monthly for a network with more than 15 nodes and bi-monthly for networks of lesser size.

3.   Proprietary software vendor contact list.  Strictly speaking, Pronetserv, Inc. cannot support proprietary software.  What we can do is work together with the vendor to upgrade applications and troubleshoot problems.  To do this, access to the vendors support mechanism is required.


Work Scope 

Network Servers:

       Review the server event logs for any system or application abnormalities and take steps to correct if necessary.

       Review the backup logs for consistency in performing nightly backups.

       Review anti-virus logs and determine if the virus definitions are up to date.

       If a database or mail server is present, review the respective logs and check the general health of those systems.

       Inspect the drives for available space.

       Inspect memory utilization.

       Inspect the status of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

       Check the server drives for errors at least once a month.  This requires the server to be inaccessible for a short period of time.  If client’s access to the server is required without interruption, these checks will be scheduled after hours on a schedule set by the client.  Note:  This process requires a good server backup and will not be done without one.

       Visit the Windows Update Internet site to determine if there are any available updates for the server.  Install available updates only if the client permits a restart of server.  In some cases where ProNetServ is permitted remote access, updates can be done remotely, after hours, and with the approval of the client.


       Review the logs.

       Check Internet connection speed against what is usual and expected for the class of service provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Networked Workstations:

       Remotely scan and/inspect the networked workstations from a central workstation provided by the client or by the ProNetServ technician.

       Review the anti-virus logs by using a central server console if available.

       Determine if any workstations require updates by visiting the Windows Update Internet site or reviewing network scan records.

The ProNetServ technician will perform any other tasks assigned by the client – time permitting.  If time does not permit, a return appointment will be scheduled to finish all client assigned tasks.



The ProNetServ proactive maintenance service will provide you with the following:

1.     Regularly scheduled appointments.  You will know well in advance when to expect a technician at your site.

2.     Time onsite.  The time a technician spends on site varies with the size of the network and work to be done.  Generally, maintenance appointments will be at least four hours.  More time is required for larger networks.

3.     Onsite consultation.  An immediate briefing of any issues of concern discovered during the maintenance appointment.

4.     Documentation of work done and issues of concern discovered.  Before the technician leaves your site, he will verbally provide you with a summary of the work that was done and any areas of concern.  Within 10 business days, written documentation of all activity at your site during the preventative maintenance visit will be either mailed or personally delivered to your office.



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